DAF XF delivers outstanding efficiency and comfort once again

During the extensive multi-brand ‘European Truck Challenge’ (ETC) test organised by the renowned German trade magazine Truck & Trailer Welt, the XF 450 once again proved to be the best vehicle for both owner and driver in its segment.

Strong safe connections and more for over 70 years

VBG Truck & Trailer Equipment offers products and services that contribute significant value for customers and users in the form of increased reliability, personal safety and efficiency. For over 70

Gi Group launches HGV driver apprenticeships

Gi Group, one of the UK’s leading HR and recruitment agencies, is launching an HGV Driver Academy apprenticeship programme to tackle the perpetual shortage of drivers in the logistics industry.

New Generation DAF trucks ready for 100% HVO

In addition to the introduction of a complete series of fully electric trucks and the development of hydrogen technology, DAF is getting its combustion engines ready for new types of fuel to further reduce CO? emissions.

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