Large Fleets Embrace Hybrid or Electric by 2025

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According to a recent study conducted by Samsara, over half (55%) of large fleets operating more than 150 vehicles in the UK and Ireland are planning to transition to hybrid or fully electric fleets by 2025.

The research also found that sustainability is a critical priority for more than half (53%) of these fleet decision-makers.

Among the surveyed fleets, 50% are currently in the process of acquiring or leasing electric vehicles (EVs) for their operations, while 45% are training their drivers to reduce fuel usage and idling in order to tackle emissions. In terms of clean fuel adoption, 41% of fleets are already using sustainable fuels. Of those, 45% have opted for hydrogen fuel cells, while a significant 68% have chosen battery electric vehicles (BEVs).

Philip van der Wilt, Samsara’s Senior Vice-President and General Manager for EMEA, emphasized the importance of investing in connected technologies to facilitate fleet transformation and sustainability efforts. These technologies can provide valuable data to improve fuel economy, optimize vehicle routing, and encourage eco-friendly driver behavior.

The demand for more sustainable operations is also being driven by social and investor pressures, with 45% of fleets aiming to meet customer and partner expectations, and 38% aiming to meet investor expectations regarding reduced carbon emissions.

Despite the eagerness to embrace sustainability, fleet operations encounter challenges in their electrification journey. Approximately half (49%) of the surveyed fleet decision-makers cited the lack of fast-charging stations as a major hurdle in transitioning to electric vehicles. Moreover, 46% expressed concerns about the costs associated with electrifying their fleets.

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