Onefleet ‘plug to payment’ subscription for EV drivers launched

Award-winning EV charging payment specialist Mina has launched a revolutionary new subscription for businesses with EV drivers.

Award-winning EV charging payment specialist Mina has launched a revolutionary new subscription for businesses with EV drivers.

Award-winning EV charging payment specialist Mina has launched a revolutionary new subscription solution packaging the use of domestic charge points, home charging payments and access to a public charging network in a simple monthly fee for businesses with EV drivers.

Called Mina Onefleet, the all-in-one subscription package also allows businesses to spread EV infrastructure investment over time, rather than having to commit to a major initial capital outlay. Onefleet streamlines the often-complex decision-making processes needed for EV roll-out as, facilitated through a partnership with EV experts Plug Me In, every element needed is included, meaning businesses get a ‘plug to payment’ solution for home chargers, installations, how to pay for domestic charging, access to approved public networks, invoicing, cost control and reporting.

Onefleet includes:
· Use of an Indra Smart Pro EV home charger, fully installed and maintained by Plug Me In.
· Access to Mina Homecharge® – delivering accurate payments for employees charging at their homes.

· Access to Mina Chargepass® – the UK’s largest public EV business charging network which can access more than 10,000 chargers through the Allstar and InstaVolt networks.
· A business charging guarantee which offers free public EV charging if servicing work on the home charger is delayed.
· A single monthly invoice to the company covering Onefleet subscription costs and energy consumed for all drivers.

To ensure a rapid and guaranteed roll-out, Mina has partnered with EV charging experts Plug Me In. Plug Me In was selected following a thorough RFP process, based on the company’s heritage of asset ownership and funding and delivery at scale in EV and smart energy.

Through Onefleet, Plug Me In will supply and install the acclaimed Indra Smart Pro charger and will also provide servicing back-up throughout the life of the charger, including the in-service charging guarantee which gives free public charging up to 100 kWh if servicing work is delayed longer than two working days.

“Plug Me In is delighted to partner with Mina on Onefleet, which completely aligns with our core objective of minimising the burden on the customer,” said Andrew Stead, commercial director at Plug Me In.

“By focusing on quality, customer care – and with Plug Me In’s national in-house workforce able to deliver an accelerated time to installation – we are confident that Onefleet will ease the transition to electric for businesses.”

Ashley Tate, CEO of Mina, said: “Onefleet is a revolutionary new product for the EV sector, offering businesses a complete EV solution in one subscription package. “With more and more businesses switching to EVs, it is clear they need support in providing a ‘plug to payment’ charging infrastructure for their employees.

“The complexities of approving and ordering home chargers, managing installation and costs, and then taking responsibility for the equipment for employees, and potentially ex-employees, is endless. That’s before you even get to managing in-life costs and paying drivers for their charging at home and in public.

“At a stroke, Onefleet aims to solve all these issues, and because it is based on a subscription, it also avoids the company having to make a massive financial outlay for multiple home chargers and the engineers to install them.

“For a fixed monthly fee, a business can ensure their employees have a reliable home charger which is covered by a service guarantee, plus make use of our award-winning Chargepass® and Homecharge® payment solutions. And if an employee moves home, the charger can be reinstalled at the employee’s new address free of charge.

“We’ve designed Onefleet to be affordable – at less than £50 per month per driver, a business can ensure its drivers are fully up to speed with everything needed to switch to electric vehicles.”

Mina Onefleet is a monthly subscription service. £49 per month (plus VAT). £100 set-up fee. Minimum 24-month term. Subject to terms and conditions.

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