Tesla unveils long range Model 3 for business Fleets

Tesla has created a special version of its Model 3 LR RWD electric vehicle (EV) for business fleet customers in the UK.

This version comes with a long-range battery but only a single rear-wheel-drive motor, making it unique compared to other Model 3 variants currently available. While there used to be a long-range RWD Model 3 in the first generation, it is not currently available.

This new model boasts a promised WLTP range of 634km, which is longer than any other Model 3 variant. The LR AWD version, which has a range of 602km, is the second-longest-range Model 3 currently available. The new car will cost £46,990, which is around £4,000 more than the Standard Range and £4,000 less than the Long Range AWD.

Karen Bowen, Senior Key Account Manager at Tesla in the UK, has confirmed the release of the Model 3 Long Range Rear-Wheel Drive for business-to-business customers. There is currently no word on whether the new model will be released in other regions or made available to non-business customers.

Overall, Tesla’s new Model 3 LR RWD EV is an exciting development for UK business fleet customers, offering an impressive range and unique design. It will be interesting to see if Tesla decides to expand the availability of this model in the future.

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