Research shows more women undertaking LGV training

More women are undertaking large goods vehicle (LGV) training and moving into the professional driver industry, according to trends noticed by Red Corporate Driver Training.

According to the latest data from the Department for Transport (DfT), a total of 8,732 women took a practical LGV test in 2021/22 – a 188% increase on a decade ago (2011/12) when 3,024 women took the same test.

A test pass enables a person to drive LGVs in the C1 and C1E (3.5-7.5 tonnes/plus trailer) or C and CE (3.7-32 tonnes/plus trailer) categories.

Of those taking the test, more are passing in greater numbers – the pass rate for the test has increased from 53% in 2011/12 to 62.4% in 2021/22 – the latter figure exceeding their male counterparts who recorded a 58.7% pass rate.

The official figures reflect Red Corporate Driver Training’s own experience in training female drivers.

Karen Mallin Page, Red Corporate Driver Training trainer, said: “It’s great to see more women being trained, getting qualified and moving into the professional driver industry.

“As a sector, it is more specialised, and requires more technical expertise, than ever, and as a result, women can really thrive in this environment. In terms of training, we see increasing numbers of women coming through and their commitment to being trained and getting qualified is second to none.

“I would encourage any woman thinking of a career as a professional driver to come and speak to us. As a major corporate training provider, we have the facilities at places such as at our Donnington headquarters, and support and infrastructure in person and online, to provide a very positive, professional learning experience.”

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