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VBG Truck & Trailer Equipment offers products and services that contribute significant value for customers and users in the form of increased reliability, personal safety and efficiency. For over 70 years VBG has been at the forefront of Coupling technology which has resulted in the latest offering which may look familiar on the outside but is completely new on the inside. The new generation of VBG couplings is a major leap in innovation in the industrial segment in which VBG operates.

The combination of refined mechanics and new digital technology further increases safety and reliability, while also opening doors for functions that will be offered in the near future. Among other things, the mechanical improvements have resulted in more compact coupling dimensions. The power actuator, manual handle and VBG’s valve box have also been made smaller and more lightweight which creates better options for different types of installation on trucks. The products are now also easier to maintain, which saves time and extends the service life.

VBG will continue to serve existing products on the market by enabling upgrades to the new generation of technology. In this way, new functions can be added to today’s couplings, which extends the product life cycle and adds value to customers’ investments. VBG aims to make everyday life in the road transport industry safer and simpler.

To accomplish this, a completely new CAN bus-based electrical infrastructure has been developed which, together with digital sensors, will facilitate functional growth in the future. This offers great development potential for the future and serves as the first step towards digitised functions which will help drivers to handle coupling functions sustainably. Extensive road tests have already proved to be extremely successful.

The main project has been running for several years. Following field tests in several countries in Europe for more than two years. With certification testing in accordance with UNECE R55 approved, VBG production in the Vänersborg manufacturing facility is well advanced and now serving the world’s markets.

But it is not just about Couplings that VBG are renowned for as they are also leaders in their field when it
comes to Underrun protection systems. In the event of a rear-end collision, the underrun protection system prevents smaller vehicles from becoming lodged underneath the truck or trailer.

For the purpose of increased safety, it is an important and integrated part of VBG’s coupling solutions. VBG’s new series of modular underrun protection can be installed quickly and easily. The systems are designed to occupy the smallest possible area on a vehicle chassis and have a surface finishing of the highest class.

Thanks to a wide range of endplates, arms, and protective beams, the systems can be adapted to any vehicle from popular manufacturers. All systems and components are tested and certified in accordance with UNECE R58 Revision 3.

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