Northgate Vehicle Hire focuses its energy on charging infrastructure

Northgate Vehicle Hire is charging ahead with its own electrification plans by ensuring that over half of its branches will be fully equipped for EVs within the next 12 months – further enhancing each site’s capabilities. This is in addition to every branch already having trained EV technicians on site.

Over the past year, Northgate’s busiest branches have been upgraded with EV charging facilities. Branches are being equipped at pace with state-of-the-art equipment to ensure they can serve the ever-growing Northgate fleet. By the end of 2023, a large number of Northgate’s branches will be fully capable of serving an EV fleet ahead of their mass adoption in UK.

Enhancing its wider Drive to Zero initiative, Northgate has focused its energy on installing a full charging infrastructure and charging provisions across its own branches, via its charging partner, ChargedEV to make its electrification journey as smooth and efficient as possible for customers.

Neil McCrossan, Northgate Vehicle Hire’s sales and Marketing Director said:

“Alongside the Government’s deadline to end the sale of internal combustion vehicles by 2030, we have been committed to supporting our customers during, and after their switch to EVs. Northgate understands the importance of a clean transition to an electric fleet and will assist its customers in any way it can.”

A capable charging infrastructure is a critical step to ensuring a smooth EV transition for any business, and so Northgate partnered with leading EV charging installation experts ChargedEV – part of the Redde Northgate plc group. As a fully independent supplier and installer of charging facilities and equipment, ChargedEV ensures every customer receives a bespoke package to meet their exact requirements.

Be it workplace charging, home charging or even public charging, ChargedEV specialises in fitting charging facilities, guaranteeing the best possible solution. It provides total ease of installation by supporting any major infrastructure planning and collaborating with local authorities and energy suppliers to install and futureproof a customer’s charging needs.

Northgate’s close connection with manufacturers means it is continually adding to an industry-leading line up of electric LCVs to its fleet. From final mile solutions such as the Renault Zoe commercial hatchback, through to mid-sized panel vans such as the latest Peugeot eExpert, Mercedes Benz eVito or even the larger Mercedes Benz eSprinter, Northgate offers an appealing proposition within its 12months+ rental option.

McCrossan added:

“Some operators are still apprehensive about the journey to EVs but the sooner they start discussing and planning this the better – it may be a two-to-three-year period before they can fully electrify their fleets, but the earlier the process begins, the easier it will be.”

Northgate is running trials with several operators to get drivers behind the wheel of these trailblazing vehicles. Fleets such as QEST, and the Home Utility Group have already trialled eLCVs as an initial step towards electrification. Before any fleet analysis or suitability studies are conducted, these e-LCV loan vehicles allow a business to assess for themselves the benefits of an electrified fleet.

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