Volta reveals final design for Volta Zero electric truck

The new EV truck by Volta designed for zero emissions in the logistics industry

Volta Trucks has revealed the final production design of its Volta Zero electric 16-tonne truck.

The finished design has been created by partner, Astheimer Design based in Warwick and is visually close to the original demonstrator vehicle with the centralised seat and low-entry height all being retained on the production model.

Volta has also confirmed the same design will also be maintained into the forthcoming 7.5t, 12t and 18t variants.

Despite bearing a close relationship to the original demonstrator vehicle, all of the Zero’s body panels have been redesigned and updated for the finished truck.

The most notable, but still minor, visual changes include the removal of the horizontal frontal light bar, and the replacement of the diagonal interface between the cab and the cargo box with a vertical line, to improve vehicle construction efficiency.

On the inside the colour has changed to a more practical dark grey and the wooden decking has been swapped for hard-wearing rubber matting.

Production of the first 25 design verification prototype vehicles is due to start shortly.

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