“Misleading” heavy duty engine oil claims revised following VLS investigation

VLS, the Verification of Lubricant Specifications, has announced the outcome of case VLS010157: a complaint against a 15W/40 heavy duty diesel engine oil, Agri Plant MS Ultra, manufactured by Aztec Oils and suitable for use in road haulage, agricultural and off-highway engines.

A complaint was received in May 2018 concerning the use of outdated 2008 engine oil sequences specified by the European Association of OEMs (ACEA) and the application of year date markers on the product data sheet, on the website and the product label claiming E9-08 which is not permissible.

VLS’ Technical Review Panel upheld this complaint as the ACEA European engine oil sequences permit claims made against the 2008 sequences until 22nd December 2012 only. In addition, the use of “ACEA years” in marketing material is intended for trade use only and not allowed in relation to the general public.

Once they had been contacted with the case findings, Aztec Oils Ltd immediately took action to make the appropriate alterations to correct the error and ensure it was not repeated in any other product information. The Technical Review Panel reviewed their actions and was content that these brought the product back into compliance.

David Wright, Company Secretary of VLS and Director General of UKLA said: “Aztec Oils quickly responded to correct their mistakes and ensure misleading information was removed from the public domain as soon as possible. It is a vital part of VLS’ work to ensure that customers are provided with the correct, most up-to-date information so that they be confident the oil they are buying is fit for purpose.”

Verification of Lubrication Specifications is an independent organisation providing a credible and trusted means to verify lubricant specifications.

For more information: 01442 875922 or www.ukla-vls.org.uk

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